Christian Meditation

One of the most overlooked spiritual activities in the Christian world is meditation. Many Christian’s associate it with Eastern spiritualism, but it issunset-244629 also a Christian activity that is directly from the Bible. Way back in the Book of Genesis, in chapter 24, Isaac went out into a field to meditate towards the evening and saw the caravan that included his future wife Rebekah approach.

Meditating in the way that pagans do is obviously sinful. Pagan meditation is primarily, if not only, concerned with self. You’re trying, in your own power, to achieve some kind of nirvana or enlightenment. To meditate the Christian way is essentially to find a quiet place where you can find some peace, and simply be alone with the Lord and think. Praying is usually involved, but when I meditate I am mostly trying to listen to what God has to say to me, and I ponder the Scripture, especially the passages I can think of which pertain to what is on my mind. For example, if I am having a rough time with stress or anxiety, I simply ponder and remind myself of the words of Christ, who said that worrying will not add a single minute to your life.

Meditation allows you to clear your head and relieve stress, and I think that helps one sin less. It lets one bask in the presence of the Spirit, and helps us consider our blessings. Meditating on the Word helps us to “digest” what we have heard or read, so we can better apply the Word to our lives. It is my opinion that if one has only 30 minutes to read the Bible, he is better off reading for just 15 minutes and then using the other 15 to meditate. We can also meditate as we read the Word slowly, I especially find myself doing so reading the Books of Proverbs and Psalms, respectively.

If you have not made meditation a regular practice, I urge you to integrate it into your life, every day. I like to go for a drive, walk or find somewhere out in nature where I can be alone. Like reading the Bible and praying, it is an engine of sanctification for the believer.


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