Silence the Enemy Guns

“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic. […] The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.” – Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

To win a hockey game, you cannot keep all your players on your goalie’s side of the ice the entire game and never make an attempt on offense to score a goal. To truly

North Korean Artillery...

North Korean Artillery… AK’s mounted…

win a war, you have to assault the enemy, make him bleed and conquer his land and people. You need to be ruthless, you cannot expect victory against an enemy that will DO ANYTHING IT TAKES TO WIN if you are not. Yet American conservatives are afraid to defeat their enemies and have been for decades. They adhere to a dictate of enlightenment ideology: freedom of speech. Basically, they think that liberals should be allowed to spread the virus of liberalism all they want without any repercussion. The liberals however, are more than thrilled to silence conservatives. Political correctness is the most obvious tool at their disposal, but they also hypocritically appeal to “freedom of speech” when it suits their agenda, and use the principle of freedom of speech and expression to their own advantage while never fairly applying it to conservatives/libertarians or anyone they do not perceive as a friend.

The “libertardian” belief in free speech is another example of libertarianism being an enlightenment-born, Utopian fallacy just like socialism is. People with opposing philosophies cannot peacefully coexist, one will either be winning or ultimately will win. To win, you need to SILENCE your enemy. Silence their guns – which is what Joe McCarthy was doing by routing the communist bastards out of media and entertainment back in the 1950’s. Since Republicans did not have the stomach to stand by a great Senator and WWII veteran who volunteered to serve in the Marine Corps in his 30’s because he loved his countrymen, the liberal communist cancer took over nearly the entire media, and engulfed Hollywood entirely. Now you have gay, anti-Christian, communist bile spewing out of nearly every channel on television, even ESPN, which has been so into gay athletes lately it might as well just change its name to the GLAAD Sports Network.

The Republicans turned their back on McCarthy and in refusing to silence the liberal guns out of a misguided belief in “freedom of speech” (it’s akin to a belief in not destroying enemy artillery during a battle, once you realize it is a mere utopian fallacy) they let the liberals grow more powerful, recruit more troops, and create more “weapons,” or “Cathedral organs” like the Disney Channel and MSNBC, although just about every channel is a Cathedral organ. The left does not truly believe in freedom of speech, which is why they gain ground in censoring us – they are always on the offensive. The mainstream right does not fight the left and try to silence them as Franco silenced the left in Spain, and Franco reigned for decades over a Spain that emerged as a very successful nation after their civil war was through.

People cannot be allowed to say whatever they want and civilization thrive at the same time. Some things need to be banned, and it’s either you silence the enemy or he silences you. There is no middle ground. Conservatives need to realize this. I believe many American conservatives are potential reactionaries, they just need to realize their enlightenment philosophy fantasies are utopian, futile and only serve to work against their own cause. Bring up the subject of freedom of speech with a conservative and when he protests that you’re being “like a liberal” tell him you are merely being realistic and accept the truth about human nature. Explain to him how the notion of freedom of speech keeps his side from defeating the liberals and let them take over the media, and how political correctness is used to silence critics of liberalism but the right is unwilling to silence the liberals, thus letting liberalism spread. Go over how freedom of speech and expression for everyone regardless of their opinion or behavior only serves to make western culture utterly and permanently pornographic and degraded (the Russian government and the Russian Orthodox Church understands this, hence the anti-gay propaganda laws there that are currently butthurting western liberals so much). All that said, no one has a right in the United States to restrict the free speech of reactionaries or anyone else, due to the Constitution, even though those on the right are restricted constantly. Whenever anyone on the right finds themselves a victim of censorship they should force their opponent to play by their own rules and feel free to appeal to the principle of freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment. A misguided sense of loyalty to a discredited enlightenment principle won’t help you win, but as they say, all is fair in love and war, so feel free to use said principle in your favor whenever it is to your own advantage, since the enemy claims to adhere to it.


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