US v RU Troops in the Media

Russian Soldiers in the media this week:

Takin' the Crimea yo.

Takin’ the Crimea yo.

US Troops in the media this week.

And lets not forget what probably emboldened Vladimir Putin in the first place

Putin has nothing to fear. NATO is preoccupied with faggotizing and womanifying its military’s while Russia plans on building bases all over the world, including our own backyard. Please note that in Russia, the feminists and homosexuals are on the defensive. In the NATO countries, feminists and homosexuals have the run of the place. Homosexual perverts are on American children’s TV shows. If you won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding or if you’re a photographer who won’t agree to go into a den of blasphemy and perversion to take pictures of an affront against God we call a “gay wedding” it’s practically a hate crime now in the US.

Considering that being handed over to ones lusts is a judgment from God Almighty, whose side do you think is closer to God in all this? Who is expanding in power and influence, and who is shrinking their military? Who just “won” the winter Olympics and who just finished in 4th place?


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