Majesty and Glory, or Democracy and Darkness?

Under Emperor Napoleon, the French conquered much of the world. Under democracy, the French conquered themselves, time and time again. That’s what scifidemocracy boils down to – countryman against countryman. The democratic nation turns in on itself like a black hole, and eventually exhausts itself. Of course, democracy is a huge aspect of Marxist revolutionary movements, because they are all about class warfare, pitting man against man in a struggle born of jealousy and an obsession with materialism (property) which superficially fills the void in the Marxist’s life that God and eternal things was meant to fill. I believe that America is a high-functioning communist country. It was well on its way towards completely becoming one after Senator McCarthy, a hero, was blacklisted, and the communists were free to take over the media and entertainment, with which they could manipulate the opinions of the masses. The Marxists in America literally used the opiates of entertainment – television, music, etc – to slowly bend the US towards socialism – and a crappy socialism at that. At least the French, Swedes and Norwegians get something, our socialism is mangled and ironically highly benefits a few ultra rich folks like George Soros who use socialism for their own ends financially and for power. At least in France you have the 35 hour work week – something I fully agree with provided it can be pulled off and allows people to work on businesses they personally own as much as they’d like. In America, most people either sit back and collect from Big Daddy Sam or bust their ass, usually in a thankless job, for many hours (often while begging for more hours, just to get by), to make ends meet and pay for the folks who sit back and collect from Big Daddy Sam.

The folks who collect are merely reaping the rewards for their loyalty. Their votes bought to power a person or persons who could plunder other Americans in order to pay for phones, welfare checks, food stamps and more, beyond reasonable numbers. The plundering (via taxation and inflation, which is a result of the indirect tax of “quantitative easing” or “printing money”) destroys jobs, and other jobs are simply moved overseas, their moves sanctioned and even often encouraged by politicians who were paid off to turn on their own constituents. They can use the campaign funds from the disloyal corporation’s owners to buy the election anyway, and try to get some more benefits to placate the voters. The voters never really find out what’s going on, either because they’re too stupid (by nature or by lack of education), preoccupied with bread and circus, or care and are innately intelligent but are feasting upon Cathedral diversionary information in the mainstream media (or outright socialist propaganda in the case of MSNBC and some other media outlets). Basically, democracy sets in motion countrymen preying on countrymen for personal gain, and it’s very clear that this is happening in the US, and has for a long time, only stymied by the Christian religion which is becoming increasingly less popular and ever more reviled. Democratic nations have a cannibal form of government, just like communist governments do. Communist governments are simply democratic, mob-enthroned governments taken more to their logical end, inevitably dissolving into anarchic chaos, or some kind of kakistocratic tyranny like we see in China.

China is essentially an oligarchy. Everything ultimately results in an oligarchy or autocracy, because humans are naturally hierarchical and intelligence and talent are not spread evenly among the human population. There has to be rulers and there has to be very many followers. Democracy ensures that thoe rulers are, or will soon be, bad people, “kakistocrats” if you will. Under a monarch, tethered to the Church and naturally inclined to maximize his nation’s wealth, glory and power because it also benefits himself, you don’t often get a kakistocrat, even if that’s what modern Western society wants you to think most monarchs were by rewriting history. Monarchs were often bought up rigorously educated and prepared spiritually, martially, and intellectually for rule, for the good of the people, God, and simply the good name of the ruling family who had a duty to everyone to ensure the nation would be in good, capable hands. The energies of the people, who could not simply attain more power (outside of some kind of worthy service to the king) or take part in an organized mob to elect a Legal Plunderer, were poured outwards towards art, conquest, architecture, literature and spirituality. They were not able to let their jealousies wreak havoc so easily. The people were not turned in on each other, and the government had very little incentive to sell their people out because hurting the kingdom meant hurting themselves, and, in the long run, their lineage. They already had power and there was no need to amass a massive campaign fund from greedy corporations and their lobbyists to wage a gigantic propaganda war in order to attain the continued blessings of power from a mob.

France, from the late 1700’s to the late 1800’s waffled back  and forth from mob rule to autocracy. The brief periods of mob rule were full of intense French on French bloodshed, while the periods of autocracy, particularly that of Napoleon Bonaparte, allowed the French to pour their energies into other matters, like kicking ass all over Europe, even if Napoleon squandered it with a poor strategic decision to invade Russia. I believe that humanity, or at least a nation, could begin to subdue space as Americans subdued the Wild West, and the French subdued many of their neighbors under a great general. We saw shades of humanity’s potential to transcend earth when the US put a man on the moon at the relative apex of her might. In order for the US, or any nation, to begin to go beyond this planet they need to stop cannibalizing themselves, which means democracy needs to die. It is the enemy of human progress, it is the enemy of all we could become, and it is the enemy of peace. Instead of looking towards the sky and using God-given knowledge to go forth and subdue all that lies before us, we have elites, often socialist of some sort, preoccupied with population caps and diminishing humanity and focusing solely on earth and the amount of land and resources she has. The reactionary fight isn’t merely a fight against a crappy form of government, or the evil “enlightenment” born leftist agenda, it’s a fight for humanity and a future of victory and expansion rather than a future of death and limitation. Let’s not go silently into the night and succumb to darkness and hedonism out of sadness for what is today, but let each of us do what he or she can for the truth so that the future of humanity will not be Orwell’s proverbial boot stomping on the face of mankind forever. I believe it all starts with God – when our hearts are aligned with His will, other things fall into order, but we must work to find ways to establish the order we seek among our peoples. The Old Ways once were, and because they once were, we know they can be once again; they are not impossible dreams but a reflection of God’s natural order, even if they were imperfect due to the sin and imperfection of mankind.


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