No War for Reenlistment Bonuses

With budget cuts leading to massive cuts in the number of troops, I have noticed a lot of fellow Soldiers are openly yearning for a new war so that we can go back to the days of massive 1517556_770217953011881_7396204241060310927_nbonuses and the ability to reenlist no matter how terrible a Soldier you are or how broken you are. This is ignorant on so many levels, and even evil, because one is wishing death and the horrors of war on other human beings for their own personal benefit. At any rate, the desire to serve in an organization that couldn’t survive the last 12 years without lying its ass off to kids all over the country to get them to join, and doesn’t even really want you anymore (unless you can speak Chinese or Arabic) is absurd. I hate to say it, but, a lot of Soldiers really are losers who need someone to hold their hand and wipe their bum bums because they don’t know what to do with nearly unlimited sums of GI Bill money that will cover anything from a Biology degree to plumbing school. If you can’t make due with that you are a practically useless human being or you’ve dug yourself into a huge amount of problems and are so dumb the Army shouldn’t even have you in their ranks in the first place.

The Army is an extremely untrustworthy institution that survives on telling people what they want to hear. They tell you what you want to hear as a recruit to get you to join, then they string you along your whole career with promises of 20 year retirements and pointing to benefits like free healthcare which really are not free and completely suck when needed or used. Every “free” benefit the military gives you is extremely subpar and the government will do everything in its power to make sure you do not get it. Not long ago a female officer died in an accident outside of Fort Riley. Since it didn’t happen on post and she wasn’t wearing her magical ACU’s the Army insisted that it did not have to pay her family the insurance, called “SGLI,” that she paid for from the moment of joining the Army until she sadly passed away. The Army DID NOT take care of her or her family. It doesn’t care about her, her family, or YOU. It only cares about what it can get out of you and how little it can give you to do it.

I waited weeks to get shrapnel removed from my leg for multiple reasons. The medic didn’t wake up early enough to go to sick call. The PA didn’t have the tools. The PA wasn’t in. I’m just being a sissy and trying to get out of work. I have to call a number to get a new number to get another number to call the doctor who is on leave until Friday. Etc. Mind you, I was in pain and bleeding because some of one shard was out. Never mind the risk of infection, they sent me to railhead duty and made me work on chaining Humvees to trains. That’s bullshit treatment. I am better off paying an arm and a leg for insurance as a civilian that actually works the moment I need it. As a civilian I would get seen for any problem the SAME DAY I called the doctor, from fractures to frostbites to a funny feeling in my knee. The doctor would properly diagnose the problem and give me the proper treatment, unlike an Army medic who will give you Motrin for literally every medical issue known to man. I can say with honesty that I am often smarter, medically, than the Army medics, who are good for giving me ibuprofen and band aids when I need them… sometimes.

If you want a whole new war to break out just so you can continue being treated like dog turd in the hopes that you can survive 20-30 years, under threats of Article 15’s and smoke sessions for screwing up, then you’re not only ignorant, but also extremely selfish. You are basically hoping Americans, and non-Americans, get killed in a bloody war just so you can continue to collect BAH and screw around in a swivel chair all day. You’re a bastard. Make no mistake about it.


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