North America is Better Off than Europe

One “hidden” message in this video is that the United States is far better off than Europe in the long run, although whites stand to lose in both cases if immigration isn’t halted and many immigrants are not repatriated to whence they came. This is because Europe is getting tons of Muslim’s, whereas the United States is getting tons of Latino’s and Latina’s who are, in many cases, at least part white or even entirely white. Whites + Hispanics together have at least a sustainable birth rate, and Hispanics, mainly second generation Hispanics, can integrate into White society quite well. A couple of buddies of mine, both of whom are 100% Mexican by birth but have grown up in Texas, are nearly indistinguishable from most white guys. Both are Catholics and have “American” accents. The fact that most Hispanics are Christians of some sort means they aren’t anywhere near as bad as Arabs, and Muslim Africans, Turks and Pakistani’s. Hispanic guys also tend to pull their weight in combat professions, and are represented well in the US Army Infantry, unlike blacks.

I have no doubt that too many Mexicans will simply make the US more like Mexico, but Mexico is still better than Saudi Arabia, and for the most part the US will never become full-blown Mexico because you can never make the US 100% Mexican. Some South American immigrants are also a boon to falling numbers of whites, like Chileans and Argentinians, many of whom are completely European. If we simply can keep the Western Hemisphere untainted from Islamic or African immigration, we’ll be way better off on this side of the pond, and our children will have a brighter future than say, a French kid living in Southern France where mosques now outnumber churches.

Heartiste has pointed out on numerous occasions that the best relationships are between a higher class man and lower class woman. While white women in the US

You better learn to dance if you want a chance

You better learn to dance if you want a chance

sacrifice their wombs on the Altar of Shitty Office Jobs, Hispanic women tend to be far more conservative when it comes to family, child rearing and values (even if they vote Democrat for handouts). That means Latina’s generally make better wives than most modern white chicks. I also don’t think that Hispanic’s are as liberal as their voting habits indicate, they’re simply putting money and family above things like aversion to “homo-marriage” or abortion. It seems a little twisted, but it’s not hard to see where they’re coming from. No matter your views on miscegenation, you have to admit that a white guy might be personally better off marrying a Hispanic woman than a white girl with a Liberal Arts degree, $60,000 of debt and an addiction to NPR who might have one or two kids if he’s lucky. Hispanic women are a lot more likely to have a lot of kids, raise them in the Church, protect them from immorality and be good housewives. Non-black Hispanics even consider themselves white in most cases. At the end of the day, European-American and Hispanic intermarriage is going to produce a better society than an Islamified Europe.


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