Not One Step Backwards

“Not one step backwards!” was the order Joseph Stalin gave the Russian Soldiers during the retaking of Stalingrad from the Germans during World War II. While I rather

French anti-feminists

French anti-feminists

Germany had defeated Russia on the Eastern Front that was born out of a terrible strategic blunder on the part of Adolf Hitler, and despise communists, “not one step backwards” needs to be the reactionary position on women’s rights. You see, the Soviet officers would shoot any retreating Russian Soldiers, forcing their Soldiers onward to overwhelm the superior German army with their numbers. Reactionaries need to take a hard stance, like the Soviet officers did, and not allow one step in the direction of feminism once the Imperium is restored. No voting rights (not that there should be much if any voting in a monarchical or fascistic nation in the first place), no “equal pay,” and only limited admission to certain academic programs because a woman’s place, unless she is barren or heading towards the end of child bearing age, is in the home raising as many kids as she can possibly have. That’s not anachronistic, that’s ancient wisdom that’s true for all ages and times.

Feminism is a Pandora ’s Box. It is born out of evil, twisted logic and is bad for both men and women. If continually falling female happiness is any indication, women often have no idea what they truly want and they need men to provide leadership. That’s a fact any man can see with his own eyes in every dating relationship with a woman. Stop coming up with places to go and things to see and put the responsibility to lead even 50% on her and watch how quickly the relationship dies. We all know by now that female breadwinners destroy the happiness of men and women alike, because it’s an unnatural thing that goes against our hardwiring. You can’t defeat nature. Nature is not fair and it’s certainly not equal, but it’s beautiful in its own way and if you go along with it you will be much more satisfied than if you war against it in futility.

The idea that women are equal to men needs to die. Very few have the capacity for honor that men have, very few have the sex drive that pushes men to not only procreate but to achieve great things and sacrifice for the sake of family and tribe, and very few are as strong as men. Not long ago a buddy told me how his female cousin set a record in her weightlifting league for squatting. Her lifts were basically mediocre for a man, her record was something many young men could meet with little training, and her legendary bench press was a warm up weight for me and I am no professional power lifter. Women aren’t equal, but in many ways God has placed them above men.

Women are given an esteemed place by nature and the Lord, the Creator of nature. They are not to go to war or to burn out in careers and political endeavors. They are gentile, compassionate and find a lot of satisfaction in nourishing those they love and taking care of other human beings. In this brutal world, they are needed to provide their compassion, and society suffers greatly from feminism having put a lid on a lot of it. When I am having a tough time the two best things for me is either a long phone call with my mom or, better yet, having a girlfriend around who can sense it and tries to make me feel better. Men can’t empathize like women can, and “stop being a pussy,” the classic male response to fellow males who are hurting in some way, doesn’t help anyone do anything besides bury their problems in their minds which will surface another day when anger or sadness reaches critical mass. Men can’t soothe the hearts of their fellow man as a woman can.

Women’s lives are more important than male lives, period. The Holy Bible makes that clear, and so does nature itself, as even the majority of pagans refused to send women into war. Hurting or murdering a woman is a worse crime than hurting or murdering a man, not only because women “have the eggs,” but because women are entrusted to men by nature for protection. Putting women in the military or police force is perverse, as they should never be in harm’s way like that.

What do we do then, with women who are good at the military, are as honorable and brave as any man, or very capable of leading? Well, their talents can manifest themselves within the community of women and within the family. An honorable woman can help keep other women on the right path and teach her children justice, and perhaps aid her husband in staying on track as well. A woman with leadership skills can provide that leadership to women and children, by leading a women’s Bible study or even an orphanage. These types of things may seem small compared to “manly achievements,” but they are the sort of things that undergird civilization itself, and are just as important as military leadership, being a CEO of a company or ruling over a territory.

I love women and while I’d be labeled a “misogynist” by many and I am perfectly ok with the idea of husbands having total control over a household, it’s because I am a compassionate person. Reactionaries are compassionate people, we want to minimize suffering and make people happier, but we know that things like democracy, feminism and a society of rampant fornication makes people less secure and less happy. We want to save civilization, humanity and planet earth, which is why we’re against materialism which depletes souls and finite resources alike, and against concepts like feminism which are against nature and make everyone less happy. We don’t want to beat women or enslave anyone (in fact, we’re against interest, which has made the vast majority of Westerners into debt-slaves), but if we continue on the path we’re on things will reach a critical mass and women will be treated awfully because they won’t have the protections of a Christian state and the moral code it brings, and in a dog eat dog world on the horizon you can expect blatant slavery and barbarism to make a huge comeback.

To prevent a decline into utter chaos, “not one step backwards” is the reactionary attitude towards feminism. We cannot entertain any feminist notions, they are not progressive but degenerative to civilization itself. We see how merely adding women to the voting pool has turned the United States and most of Europe into a collection of debt-ridden welfare states where the currency is continually devalued, and how adding women to the workforce has obliterated the nuclear family, civilization’s most basic unit, and has only served the interests of greedy rich folk by creating a surplus of wage-slaves which has diminished the value of labor. A family these days usually needs both mom and dad to go to work to bring home what just dad did back in the day. Now families lack women at home, the state raises kids via the public schools and women can do the “9 to 5 ‘til 65” for The Man while children go improperly reared. All feminism does is serve The Man, materialism and communistic goals which is why communism and feminism go almost hand in hand.

There is no third way in our stance with feminism. We need to restore the “patriarchy.” Yes, abuses will occur, but abuses occur in the current system and the current system is in the process of destroying the last vestiges of civilization. Returning to the old ways – the ways of wisdom and nature – are good for everyone in general and necessary to ensure Europe and North America do not become like a giant Liberia.


2 responses to “Not One Step Backwards

  1. Your links are very informative, so thank you for those links.

    I am not familiar with your approach to patriarchal social structures. I don’t want to seem too critical, but – Restoring the patriarchy might be impossible as a first step.

    Perhaps if civilization collapses, the survivors might be able to recall something about patriarchy, and re-invent it. I can’t imagine how that might work.

    • I agree with you, it is impossible as a first step. But I agree with Julius Evola that we’re in the Kali Yuga stage of a cycle, so to speak, and that eventually the Kali Yuga will end. When the nightmare of modernity runs its course, natural structures will begin to reform. Once they’re reformed, it’s important to protect them from crazy ideas like feminism.

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