Masonry – A Seed of Discord

Western society has become a Freemasonic-vision based society, and the American Revolution and the French Revolution were largely Masonic endeavors. The Masonsmasonicamerica manipulated people into overthrowing their respective Crowns in order to try to establish a Masonic utopia. Masonry is an arch-enemy for all reactionaries.

At the lower ranks, Masonry is sort of a men’s organization where men can get together and have some camaraderie. Freemasonry is attractive to men because it’s hierarchical and it allows them to be a part of an established and very influential network. However, Freemasonry is an engine of Enlightenment philosophy, and at its highest levels it is a Satanic cult.

My deceased grandfather is a former “Worshipful Master” (a lodge leader, essentially). When he was dying, he was dying slowly and painfully from a mixture of illnesses and injuries. When my father said a prayer to God, asking Him to release my grandfather from the demons of Masonry and to allow him to repent, my grandfather died within hours, finally, at a hospice. Despite what my grandfather did, I believe God saved him in his final hour, and I believe my father’s prayer was answered. My grandfather was freed of his demons and suffering in his earthly coil.

America is obviously a Freemasonic state. Just look at its architecture. Washington DC is Freemason City.

The Freemasons immorally overthrew the legitimate King George, a Christian king, to establish the United States, and replaced the British Crown with a Masonic, Enlightenment-based government. They also mix gods together to get one, “Jahbulon,” just as they try to mix cultures together into one shade of soulless, corporate-world grey. The god the Mason’s trust in isn’t the God of the Holy Bible. If it was, they wouldn’t allow Muslim’s and whatnot to join their organization. The reactionary community doesn’t want to talk about the Masons too much, because we don’t want to seem like conspiracy theorists, but the reactionary endeavor is essentially the endeavor of overcoming the Freemasons and their “enlightenment” systems.

The Freemasons demonized monarchy and fascism, because kings DO NOT WANT secret societies to thrive, and the fascists such as Benito

A Real European Hero - forget Churchill

A Real European Hero

Mussolini declared open war against Freemasonry because they knew that the Masons really stood for enlightenment principles. Freemasonry needs to be overthrown and outlawed if reactionary politics are to succeed. Freemasonry is like the wicked goddess Kali herself, manifested in the form of a secretive, yet very powerful organization.

Julius Evola spent a lot of time studying the Masons, as well as other esoteric societies. He was involved in the occult, which I believe is wrong, but at the same time I believe he was trying to establish some kind of counter-Masonry, and he saw it to some degree in the German SS mannerbund.. obamamason

If a reactionary comes to power, one of the first things he must do is wage war on the Masons who would subvert and overthrow him. Many Masons are good people who are simply misguided, but they cannot be trusted. Mussolini and Franco knew this which is why they had Freemasonry outlawed in Italy and Spain.


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