Obama’s Rare Pokemon

Because I am a Soldier, family and friends keep calling me to ask how I feel about the whole Bowe Bergdahl fiasco. I tell them a story hearkening back to 1997.

It was a warm, summer evening in a bustling New England city, with only a few clouds in the sky and a cool breeze blowing through the alley. In between two large brick pokemon gamesbuildings three little boys and one tomboy sat playing Pokemon on their Gameboy’s and trading Pokemon cards. One of the boys, Nathan was a very naïve kid, and easy to take advantage of. In his possession were 5 rare Pokemon cards. Now, Noah was an aggressive, ruthless ginger bastard who had a cool looking Pokemon card, but it was merely a common Pokemon – a penny among a sea of loose change. Noah convinced Nathan to trade 5 rare Pokemon for his 1 common Pokemon. President Obama is merely an adult Nathan. He took a terrible deal. I can’t imagine President Putin doing something like this, because Putin is #1 a man and #2 possesses common sense. Obama is a beta male who gets played like a fiddle all over the world stage by everyone from the Taliban to the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda.

I’m not going to personally judge Bergdahl. I’d like to talk to him before saying he belongs in front of a firing squad, and I’m not sure he’s even all there in the first place, and I’m a little more reluctant than Florida is when it comes to killing retards. Quite a few men may have died in the search for Bergdahl, which Bergdahl is going to have to live with forever, but on the other hand the US government uses Soldiers to do stupid things all over the world every day and numerous people die from government mishaps, from Pakistani kids to American premees. The US government knew where Bergdahl was, they just didn’t want to risk a rescue mission (for a maybe-deserter, although President Obama would illegally trade 5 Taliban leaders for one), even though they’re willing to risk war with Russia over Russians taking over Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine. Basically, I reserve judgement for Bergdahl, think Obama got hoodwinked and I honor the fallen Soldiers who perished searching for Bergdahl. But, the Taliban got back FIVE of their top men, who have more blood on their hands than Berg, undoubtedly, who are free to kill even more people now, and now Americans are kidnapping targets the world over. Lastly, the whole “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” thing has been proven false, and terrorists have legitimate reasons to believe they can indeed use hostages and terrorist acts to extort concessions from the US government.



One response to “Obama’s Rare Pokemon

  1. Not a good day for the USA. You have to wonder if there is actually more to the story that is being officially released. Otherwise it was a bad deal.

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