Keep Riding the Tiger

The populist right simply isn’t ready to do anything worthwhile. Society and morals just haven’t collapsed enough for logic to enter in sufficient quantities into the mindstiger of the somewhat-right wingers of Europe and North America. They still worship guys like Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln – veritable charlatans who caused the deaths of many. They’re still trying to play the nominate-a-minority game, where you find a black person, Hispanic, chick, or even better – a black chick, and try to throw them against the more leftist party in hopes of one electoral victory in a system where democracy is largely the problem in the first place.

Not only are European and American “rightists” playing the minority game, they still have a warped, leftist view of men and women and their natural place. If you get that wrong, nothing will ever be correct. Women are always, always to be subordinate to men. They are not to lead men, and even in the Bible the only time a woman lead was when there was a complete dearth of men to do the job and God used a Godly woman instead.

Britain First is an organization that showed a lot of promise, because they were willing to stand for repatriation and were motivated to hit the streets and at least say “enough is enough,” as far as Islam in the United Kingdom goes. But, they showed there was no future for their organization, it’s not truly right wing. It’s just anti-Islam. When it comes down to it, they’re hardly even anti-immigration, they’re just anti-Islamic immigration, that’s the feeling I get from following their Facebook page. They don’t have the stomach to do what’s needed to set Britain aright, and they’re honestly not rightwing enough to make a lasting, marked, positive change. If Britain First got its way, there wouldn’t be any Muslim’s in the United Kingdom and the UK would be out of the European Union, which is nice, but that would still leave the United Kingdom in leftist shambles. They would still be a welfare state plagued by feminism, central banking and a democratic political system that gives the ignorant masses a say, and leads to the rise of more kakistocrats such as David Cameron. Eventually, the United Kingdom would devolve back into its present state, and Islam would probably find its way back into society like an escaped convict, only to breed out the British peoples and take over a once glorious bastion of Christendom, just as the Muslim’s erased the Byzantine Empire after Europe stopped waging Crusades on the Islamic horde.

Right now, the “right” is in no shape to stop a horde or anything else. They’re still weirdly obsessed with pictures of chicks holding guns, redneck comedians and

Jayda Fransen, Britain First's Group Development Officer, "charged with building [the] orginisation." BF's Facebook page was rife with comments saluting her choice of "unconservative" attire because it's the "opposite of burkas."

Jayda Fransen, Britain First’s Group Development Officer, “charged with building [the] orginisation.” BF’s Facebook page was rife with comments saluting her choice of “unconservative” attire because it’s the “opposite of burkas.” BF made sure they promptly banned anyone who objected from commenting on their Facebook page henceforth.

supporting meaningless wars. Rather than moving to the right, the “right” constantly moves to the left. America and Europe’s “right” is mostly a bunch of cowards who are too afraid to stand for the truth because it might affect their job or social prospects. They rather bury themselves in NASCAR, either form of football and watered down beer and get fat. They are completely unworthy of the their ancestors, from King Leonidas to King Richard the Lion Heart, who would undoubtedly hold them in contempt and consider them helots or peons at best.  The Kali Yuga continues unabated my friends. Do not hope in modern institutions like UKIP, the many Tea Party offshoots, Britain First, France’s National Front or the Libertarian Party. If the “rightwing” people of Europe and the US were to rise up right now and somehow overthrow their current regimes, they’d replace it with something nearly as bad and destined to quickly become as bad, and it would still be quite feminist judging by the popularity of women like Sarah Palin, Condi Rice and Marine Le Pen among the right.

As the Kali Yuga continues our hope is to be found in God. Not in a coming collapse where the fools who made the mess we’re in simply get violent without their daily supply of Cheetos and Coca Cola flowing into their gullets, or in a group compromised by leftism. Any activism that’s not explicitly reactionary is a waste of finite time. The website Return of Kings, not that I agree with 100% of everything that’s written there, has the right idea in educating young men and being a beacon of wisdom and hope for them during this un-heroic age, keeping the truth alive and creating a remnant of real men to survive and spread the truth as time goes forward. Reactionary clubs and pouring over the works of the classical philosophers and more contemporary reactionaries such as Julius Evola or Sir Robert Filmer should be what we continue to do at this time. We need to organize, but only to educate our fellow men and fend off attacks from the Hivemind who wants to erase us along with all truth and goodness from the universe, forever. Right now, and force the foreseeable future, all we can do is Ride the Tiger.



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