Tepid Pride for America

America is gone my friends, and it isn’t coming back. This past 4th of July I had the chance to take a day (mostly) off my duties to enjoy a decent deployment cookout murica2and a platoon football game. All over base were people in full blown “’MURICA” mode, as ignorance is bliss. Taking the red pill when it comes to government and history means you cannot possibly be enthusiastic about the US anymore. I know all my fellow reactionaries feel the same way; it’s impossible to be excited about a nation that illegally rebelled against its king, instituted an inferior democratic system that was destined to fail, all while importing swaths of West Africa for labor (did they never consider that said slaves would multiply and blacks would be among us forever? Did they really think that an entire race of people would stay as a subservient slave class in a society that’s prizes freedom and, once upon a time, some Christian values?) and growing slowly more and more despotic and insufferable as time went on.

Even the things that Americans are proud of are nothing to be proud of when looked at through the lens of reality. The Revolutionary War – an illegal, enlightenment-philosophy plot to overthrow a good king. World War I – a bloodbath that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of American men because supposedly the French/British were good and the Germans were supposedly bad. World War II – again, a pointless bloodbath as far as Americans are concerned, that plunged Europe into a void of leftism from which it might never recover and destroyed the Japanese empire at the cost of spurring China and North Korea to become communist powers that have committed some of the most grievous crimes against humanity in recorded history. I firmly believe the Chinese and North Korean people would have been better off under Japanese rule. Granted, there was the Rape of Nanking and all, but it took Mao and Kim perhaps over 60 million dead people to establish their prison-nations, and Imperial Japan didn’t need to do anywhere near as much harm to impose its reign.

America has surely become a nightmare to true freedom lovers, and lovers of goodness and justice. America is a cesspool of immorality, a cup of abominations that other nations drink from, as America exports things such as mass modern pornography, abortion and American-style feminism. We as reactionaries can be thankful that at least it’s still wealthy compared to other nations and relatively safe, provided you live in one of the right places, of which there are still many. We have gyms everywhere, are able to fine tune our diets using apps on our phones, can watch movies in the third dimension and learn almost anything for free on the Internet, but that’s all in spite of America’s problems and we know that things are getting worse and one day we may not have the luxuries that we enjoy. One day our personal beliefs might make it impossible to enjoy a normal life in America.

All that said we still have reason to be happy and proud. We still have the luxuries we often take for granted, and we have a means of spreading our message. We cannot educate the foolish nor evil at heart, but there are bright people out there who are coming across reactionary works and truly enlightening themselves. We can take pride in our European ancestors and their achievements, rather than the achievements of rebels or leftist triumphs.

While things may seem depressing and the masses are foolish and celebrating while “Rome burns,” we cannot let circumstances beyond our control ruin our lives. We are the aristocrats of the soul, the nobles enduring the Kali Yuga, and part of riding the tiger is enjoying life. If anything, we can be thankful that we know about the evils of democracy, feminism and enlightenment philosophy in general, while others are sailing along completely unaware of where they are headed. Knowledge is a great blessing.


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