Art and Promoting Identity

Identity will reassert itself among European peoples. It might not be everyone, but it’ll be sizeable chunk, trust you me. Our job right now is to sell our vision of the future, primarily to young men. Art work, created and yet to be created, is instrumental in doing this.

The Lord of the Rings is rife with identity. Rohan, the Hobbits of the Shire, Gondor, the orcs, the elves, and my favorite, the dwarves. Every person in each society in that epic work of mythology has a place and a purpose. We can use literature and art like Lord of the Rings to bring people to an understanding of identity, and a desire to be one with their people. There is a lot of works of art – movies, books, plays and even video games,that can serve our purpose.

Many people who like Lord of the Rings can’t exactly say why. “Perhaps it is because the idea of belonging to a tight knit society made up of similar people like the elves did or the dwarves did is something that deep down we all yearn for.” Ask people who like LOTR, or anything similar, why they like it, and regardless of their answer, drop that bomb, or one similar, on them. I’ve never had anyone disagree with that statement completely, and it opens them up to identiarian/reactionary ideas.

Once you get a foothold with someone, tread wisely. Know when to “go there” and when to keep tilling the field. You’re a crowbar, not a hammer. Open their minds to the truth, and let it flow in naturally. Provide a few links to some articles from Radix or Amerika that you say impacted you or made you think.

Stay frosty out there in the world of ideas, my friends. Never fail to seize on an opportunity. Seek to honor your ancestors by being a conduit of bringing heroism back to your people. And remember, there’s always The Metal.



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