The War Drums IV

Classic: By the way, as a reactionary, you should promote metal. There is a reason I post these little compilations. They usually bring in a good amount of hits, and help introduce folks to some reactionary writing, even if my blog is nowhere near as great as Radix, Radish or Alternative Right.

Wumpscut is virulently anti-religious, but he is easily the best industrial artist in the world. Replace the word “religion” with liberalism in any of his songs and they become odes to truth.

Completely out of place with the last four songs, I know, but if you have never heard of Alizee, you need to see her. It’s white, or Euro pop, done right. I saw this video when I was about 16 and it inspired me to learn French, and to work hard to make myself into the kind of man a girl like that would want. It’s not wrong to say that she spurred me to become the man I am today. A woman’s beauty can inspire a man to new heights of athleticism, military glory, artistic brilliance and the accumulation of sheer power – it’s a shame that men must also be guarded lest a woman be his downfall. After seeing her on YouTube I resolved to never marry a woman unless she could awe me as she did, and that has kept me free and prosperous into my late 20’s whereas a lot of my friends from high school have settled for very mediocre women, financial problems and stunted personal growth.



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