Victory Lies Ahead

Today I was eating dinner with a few of my fellow Soldiers, taking a bit of a risk by explaining my views to them on everything from the Revolutionary War to the degeneracy of modern society. This is a tight knit group of guys I am with, which is why I decided to share my thoughts. Surprisingly, they agreed enthusiastically and we had a long conversation into the night about what a future kingdom for folks like us might look like.

Something is in the air, I can feel it. The people are reawakening. For the first time, I am feeling imperviously optimistic about our future. I believe it is a divine optimism, an assurance of victory because ultimately we are taking up the cause of God. We cannot lose, for even in death we win. Besides, at the end of the Bible we find a massive kingdom run by Jesus Christ Himself, with Christians reigning beside him. We will have our kingdom one day, and one day those in Christ will have a one thousand year kingdom followed by an eternal one to reign alongside our Supreme King. But I digress. We reactionaries, Christian or not, are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

One way we know this is the growing intensity of the war being waged on us by the doomed leftist states that we will ultimately overcome. Recently, Sweden passed a law

banning, on the INTERNET, any criticism of immigration. Conservatives who sense wrongness with things like modern immigration policy among the EU/US & CA will come under our wing when push comes to shove and tradition and truth set in stone is the only thing they have left to turn to.

You see friends, up until now, all over the Occidental world, we’ve largely had our freedom of speech and the ability to promulgate our ideas. We’ve been able to spread the works of everyone from Dante Alighieri and his comments on monarchy to Mussolini’s fascism (while I am a monarchist, I am not opposed to fascism, at least short term.  Fascism saved Spain before Franco passed away and Spain squandered everything he bequeathed to his countrymen). People have even taken a great interest in Mein Kampf, and regardless of how you feel about Hitler and Nazi Germany (I personally think Hitler was a strategic moron and a wanton murderer), the fact that people are starting to question the establishment and explore “rightist” writings themselves is a victory for our side.

The establishment’s only chance to survive long term at this point is to simply criminalize the True Right. We’re gaining a momentum we could have never dreamed of even five years ago. We’ve turned a spark into a burning inferno that threatens to engulf the established order if it is not quashed quickly, and the only way to quash us is to silence us using government force.

This is where the Hivemind begins to lose though. You see, the attempt to criminalize the truth is just going to fuel hatred of the Hivemind and pique curiosity in fenrirreactionary belief among our people. Additionally, reactionaries cannot be defeated by imprisonment or threats of imprisonment. We’re a group of noble men and women, the blood of heroes runs in our veins and the wisdom of the wise inhabits our minds. We might see tough times, but our spirits are unbreakable, as we contemplate not only the far greater sufferings of the Saints, but also remember our ancestor’s bravery and the heroes in our legends, from Hercules to Odin. This is a war we will win – it will be full of setbacks, and perhaps even bloodshed, but not even death can defeat us.

Always be wise about what you say, I will make sure I am, however, you may have more allies out there than you think. I learned that today. As reactionaries begin to throw off the shackles of fear and express some of their beliefs to see if others share or are open to them, we will see that our comrades are in far greater numbers than we once thought. Many reactionaries aren’t the scholarly type as many reactionary blog readers are and you will find them in all walks of life. It is our duty as people who are blessed with intelligence, who have a desire to learn the wisdom of the ages, to guide and lead those among us who are on our side but don’t share our smarts or have not yet been introduced to much reactionary material. We need to support and encourage them, and be leaders when fate thrusts us into a leadership role, whether it consists of the mentorship of one man or an entire assembly.


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