Pan-European Nationalism

I was thinking today about pan-European nationalism. I believe it’s something to strive for, but only in the sense that Whites from all over the world work together against our common internationalist enemies. In the end though, we don’t simply want one white nation, or one Europe without borders. To some degree, European nationalism in North America needs to be a little more “internationalist” because the whites in North America are from all over Europe and, aside from pockets here and there of “little Italy’s” and the like, we’re all mixed together into a mostly unified American white, disregarding the liberals who infest the folk.

I actually think we should break down Europe even further, and probably the US as well since different parts of the nation have different cultures, even among whites. There should be a Catalonia, a Normandy, a southern Ireland and a northern Ireland (sorry American-Irish, but the Protestant North and the Catholic South are sufficiently divided at this point that they’re better off as two brother nations), etc. Northern Italy wants to do its own thing, and who is to say Sicilians wouldn’t be happier having their run of their own land? This doesn’t mean Europeans cannot ban together for collective actions as they did during the Crusades, and for the mutual defense of Europe from Islamic aggression or communist uprising, but on the whole white nationalities are unique and need to have their own self-determination. This will make for happier nations, more defined and rich cultural development and allow for an array of somewhat different governmental arrangements that may suit one specific locality and its people more so than another.


Because it’s cool.

Now, if you’re confused as to where you fit in in the grand scheme of differing white nationalities, first of all you’re probably from North or South America, and secondly, people can usually identify to great degree what people they belong to by nature. It’s almost as if their true blood calls out to them. Additionally, you can look at your heritage and if you have mixed European nationalities you can explore them and find out which one appeals to you naturally the most. Perhaps you can also visit your ancestral homelands to gain more insight, and maybe, like a Viking, you have a clear origination but can be at home almost anywhere sufficiently north, from Dublin to Newfoundland to Normandy.


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