Many Rode to Asa Bay

Out of all the songs that Bathory performed, one song stands above them all. It was the only Bathory song that was turned into a full-fledged, professionally produced music video – One Rode to Asa Bay. The song is about a Viking who is aghast at his community who abandon the Viking way of life to embrace the ways of the Christian missionaries who have come to their land. To see the song and video as anti-Christian is to miss the point, because the song wasn’t really theological, and Quorthon, who can be said to be Bathory, made it clear he also was not a literal follower of Asatru.

The song ends with the words “it’s only just begun.” What has begun is the transformation of the Viking people from heroes to modern zeroes, a process that took centuries as the Swedes and other Nordic lands were actually still quite badass after becoming Christianized. The Viking who rode to Asa Bay is symbolic of the “Last Hero” who rides off into the sunset at the dusk of a heroic age. He knows he cannot stop what’s coming, nor can he accept it, so he leaves, and perhaps mourns the end of all things. The Rider knows he is on the threshold of a “Kali Yuga” of sorts.

Metal “ist krieg,” as the saying goes, and it’s an art that has done perhaps more than any reactionary philosopher, blogger or organization to promote the reactionary cause. It got young men, primarily young white men, thinking about the ancient days, how their forefathers lived, and, inevitably, caused them to compare the Era of Honor to modernity. It got young white men to contemplate their ancestors and their future. The ones who could see through the thick fog of progressive brainwashing saw that there was more to be had in old times than there was today, despite iPhones, computers and cars. A cubicle job with a fat spinster boss just doesn’t quite compare to charging into battle with an axe after journeying the seas with your brothers in search of treasure and glory. Metal, primarily European metal, planted and watered the seeds of the current reactionary movement.

Bathory inadvertently inspired a large swath of the next generation of men to “ride to Asa Bay,” so to speak. For that’s what we’ve done when we revolt against the modern era. We might not be able to save our friends from volunteering themselves into slavery and rejecting their heroic instincts, but we can save ourselves. The heartening news is that many have rode to Asa Bay, not one, and it only takes a few men to change the world. Quorthon and a few other men, such as Verg Vikernes, lit a fire that spread throughout the Occidental world, awakening dormant heroic blood, and the repercussions of their art will be far bigger than the amount of fame they had in life could ever indicate.


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