In Defense of Varg Vikernes

Jekken6 sums up the newest Varg Crisis perfectly. Support Varg.


2 responses to “In Defense of Varg Vikernes

  1. Varg got found guilty and received a 6 month suspended sentence and a 10k euro fine, but it could’ve been worse. I’m glad he wasn’t dragged away from his family.

    • First they came for Varg… Varg is the tip of the iceberg, I think many of us are next, they will threaten us with prison or theft of our money if we don’t toe the Marxist line. I really hope Varg finds a way to leave France for somewhere where he can speak his mind without being hauled away. The French government went after Varg because almost all reactionaries know of him, and they needed someone with a high profile to make an example of.

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