The Hearts of American Women

I’ve noticed lately that as each year passes, the warmth of American women grows colder. Ten years ago women were a lot kinder, and it took a lot less game and status to bitchyget anywhere with them. In my late 20’s, I have far more money, charisma and even looks than I did when I was 18, yet I notice that women are just about as initially receptive to my much improved self than they were towards my very much naïve and inexperienced self. I’m not saying that it’s harder or just as hard to get women as it was a decade ago for me, just that in general they are colder nowadays.

I attribute this coldness to a few things. First of all, game has become a lot more popular, and a lot of girls have withered and continue to wither through the attempts of dolts in fuzzy hats spouting word-for-word “PUA” lines at them. Not only do they hear these lines out and about, but ones who date online (which there are a lot more of now than a decade ago) are deluged with messages on OkCupid and other dating sites from men trying to apply the Mystery Method or something from The Game to online dating. All the attention they receive coupled with the lack of natural charisma on the part of men who attempt to connect with them has made them more hardened.

I’ve noticed on OkCupid, for example, that a lot of OK-looking girls (say 6-7’s) have reached the 5000 message limit. They’re being bombarded with attention, and more men are trying as they read game forums and copy and paste the same things over and over and send them out to women. A long time ago I came up with the idea of a pirate-themed profile (which was highly successful), posted it in a forum, and when I Google it I find thousands of men who have copied what I wrote word-for-word. The kinds of men who would do this aren’t learning game principles, they are just trying to piggy back on others work, which is why game experts like Heartiste don’t give many examples of their work. No one posts openers anymore, they’ll just be memorized word-for-word by turds and little Indian chodes with no style whatsoever (I mention these guys because I’ve seen too many Pakistani/Indian guys in dirty and extremely outdated clothing spout obviously memorized pick up lines word for word from a book or website at women in Boston bars) and before you know it a lot of the girls you want to talk to have already heard it. I can’t use the pirate profile that I wrote anymore because it’s used up the wazoo. I’d be one of thousands of desperate chodes with horrifying pictures or gay Mystery hats on in their profile pic thinking that a humorous, well-written profile will win them the day by itself, when at least five other guys in their area are using it.

The rise of game has led to a parasitic group of men who, rather then improve and use their own charisma, seek to appropriate directly other people’s work. Women are good at figuring out when a man is being unnatural, so all of these men trying to use lines like magic spells has made them colder. Now, this isn’t the only reason women are colder. The second reason is the increasing leftward bend of society.

When I was in college, it was quite liberal. I had two openly communist professors, and the battle over gay marriage was ramping up. Nowadays colleges have become even more liberal, and not being pro-gay marriage puts you in league with the “Nazi hate machine.” Leftist girls are colder girls. The more leftist they are, and these days women are a bit more leftist, the colder they will be. Careerism and spinsterhood have reached all-time highs. It’s very hard to find a girl who will put anything before a career. Indeed, many women believe to even put love itself before a career is not only ignorant, but immoral. Girls are taught by society to value career over raising children or falling in love. The Man needs more cogs in his machine, and he can’t have humans loving each other getting in the way. I think many parents of women reinforce the Hivemind’s message, concerned about their daughter’s future, and not seeing many decent men out there who they would be comfortable with wedding their daughter. To put it simply, there’s not a lot of men parents feel they can trust with their daughters these days.

These developments don’t mean you should flee from America, although thinking about immigrating is not a bad idea. I would argue that many other countries have women who are just as hardened as American ones, such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It would do you no good to go to either of those nations, and in the case of the UK you’d have an even harder time finding one with decent dental health. Some parts of Europe are “riper,” particularly if you avoid the main cities, but you have to do your homework. In the end, if you have found a good wife, it doesn’t matter so much that you live around a lot of women who aren’t good candidates to be a wife. Finding a good wife is pretty much a one and done thing, or else she wasn’t really a good wife. You, barring tragedy, only need to succeed in finding a wife once, so uprooting yourself probably isn’t worth it, unless you are uprooting yourself for other reasons as well.

To be honest, there is not a lot we can do about women growing colder. We also can’t do much to prevent other men from being stupid. Worrying about things beyond your control causes you unneeded stress and is no way to Ride the Tiger during the Kali Yuga. There is no way to capitalize on this situation, as a “PUA” would capitalize on women being sluttier. We’re still in the the Age of Decadence, even though a lot of young men are starting to come into the reactionary world, where our empire crumbles into dust, so things could get worse as whole as people become more decadent.


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