Dieting Does Work


Average bodyfat levels by State over time

A common refrain in the new, gluttony and sloth justification movement, also known as the “fat acceptance” movement, is that diets don’t work. They site studies that show that most people regain the weight after their diet, and sometimes gain even more than they had even lost in the first place. They act like being fat is purely a product of genetics, yet regularly post pictures of themselves eating like Fat Bastard from the Austen Powers movies. They apparently figure that since dieting is “useless,” they are free to indulge in all the gluttony they wish. These people are nothing more than the sloth and gluttony versions of sluts and perverts who try to justify their sexual deviancy as natural.

If you look at the statistics, obesity is on the rise in America and Europe big time. Clearly, obesity isn’t natural, because obesity was a rarity until recently when it became a common thing. The reason it is common is obvious – high fructose corn syrup, lack of discipline regarding portion size and food selection and lack of exercise.

Dieting does work, and the reasons why people fail to lose weight are because they lack discipline or think that once they achieved their goal weight they no longer have to work as hard in the gym or watch their calories as closely. If you’re obese, you do not need a short-term diet plan to slim down, you need a lifelong diet plan to follow because you don’t have the ability to stay healthy without the aid of a diet outline. This is nothing to be particularly ashamed of, I am one of the people who has to watch their diet and it is not that bad.

To lose weight, you need to eat a caloric deficit. Some people have slow metabolisms and have to drive down the calories really low in order to efficiently burn fat. I am one of those people as well. If I let my body fat rise above 15% and need to cut (usually at the end of a bulking cycle. I always bulk for 3 months, usually in the November-February time frame since the holidays are in there) I have to eat about 950-1250 calories a day, depending on where I am at in the diet, to lose a couple of pounds of fat a week.

This is actually easier than one may think, and it’s possible to be full. First of all, you have to cut out fatty foods and carbs. You make protein the centerpiece of every meal. I like to buy plenty of tilapia, canned tuna, turkey burgers, and most of all, boneless, skinless chicken breast. A whey protein supplement fills the gaps and helps when you need to hit your protein count yet don’t have many calories left in your budget to spare.

The second thing you need to do is cut sugar blasts. A sugar blast can be something like drinking a sugary coffee from Dunkin Donuts, or even drinking something “sugarless” such as a diet Monster energy drink that has sucralose or aspartame as a substitute for sugar or corn syrup. Think of your metabolism as a furnace. Consuming sugar, or sugar substitutes, signals your body to spike its production of insulin, which slows down your metabolism and metaphorically throws water on the fire of your metabolism. When dieting you need to watch your fruit intake and any grains should be whole grains. No white flour, white bread or anything of the sort. Preferably you rely almost solely on vegetables for carbs. Carbs are “empty” and your body doesn’t need much carbs to function well (although everyone is a little different and carb tolerance is different between individuals and races alike). Fats help regulate your hormones properly, and protein takes calories to process, thus speeding up your metabolism, and helps you repair and retain muscle. So, watch your carbs and sugar intake that way you don’t slow down your metabolism.

The final thing you need to do is count calories. It’s not as bad as it used to be, as plenty of apps and websites exist that let you plug in your foods and drinks and count the calories for you. I like to put in what I plan to eat ahead of time to make sure I am staying within my budget and am not eating too much in an early meal which will mean I have to go hungry later in the day (and dealing with hunger is another issue – you need to accept some hunger sometimes). I like to use an iOS app called “Lose It!” to track my caloric intake on my phone, but Lose It also has a website you can use if you don’t have a phone that can utilize one of the apps. It only takes me two or three minutes tops to add my food to the app. All in all, I spend maybe five minutes a day adding my food to it now, which is hardly any time at all.

As long as you stay within your calorie limit, you eat what you want, but aim for your daily grams of protein goal and avoid sugar blasts. When you finally hit your desire

Eat Protein

Eat Protein

amount of body fat, you bump your caloric limit up to a maintenance level, which is usually significantly more calories than you were eating before. When you’re no longer cutting fat you’ll find that you have a lot of calories each day to consume and plenty of food to enjoy, but you still need to limit your sugar blasts or you’ll slow your metabolism down too much and start to regain fat. Only have desert or a sugary beverage a few times a week, avoid things like white bread, and drink maybe once a week or every two weeks. This isn’t hard, the human body was not meant to feast every day like Americans do. You are not meant to enjoy snacks and sweets every day. They’re treats, not dietary staples. Don’t let their cheapness fool you. Spend any money you save by buying organic foods and avoiding all the poisons associated with processed foods and factory farmed meats. If you’re a man and do this, you’ll probably find your energy goes up as your testosterone levels aren’t being messed with by the chemicals in your food nearly as much as they were.

After you’ve been calorie counting for a few months you’ll probably know instinctively how to eat. Then you can stop using the app or whatever you use to count calories and rely on your newly obtained skills at eating correctly. You might want to also bulk and add muscle slowly and evenly, and that will require a slight daily calorie increase. Bulking is not an excuse to eat pizzas and ice cream savagely. It means you need to eat more protein and some more whole grains and healthy fats. Bulking is no reason to stop eating clean, and sugary foods will just make your body store fat and ruin or slowdown its ability to produce more muscle mass.

If you follow these principles you won’t regain all the weight. People regain the weight because they let themselves go. If you have thyroid problems and a slow metabolism as a result, you can see an endocrinologist, and if he assesses your thyroid hormone levels as being out of whack he can prescribe you thyroid hormones in order to bring your metabolism to where it should be, thus “genetics” is never an excuse for being fat, particularly in this day and age.

This advice is not advice from a doctor and I’m not responsible for what you do with it, and I recommend the book Shredded Beast to help you figure out how much you should eat and what kind of exercise regimen you should follow in order to cut or bulk. At any rate, there is no excuse to be obese. The fat acceptance people are promoting demonic lies that they use to deceive themselves and others into wantonly sinning.

Tell her dieting doesn't work.

Tell her dieting doesn’t work.


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