The War Drums VI

Here is a unique band, called Summoning, whose songs are mostly inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. They create some beautiful, atmospheric black metal.

“A grin and a word is his trade
From these his profit is made
Though his body is not tall and his courage seems small
His fame will take longer to fade

Beyond the ocean brews a battle
Beyond the battle blood shall fall
To a place where man forsaken
Dwells the one who should not live

Then a bargain shall be entered
Saurons might shall be restored
You and we were first to conquer
You and we shall be the last.

1. The world is grey, the mountain’s old. The forges fire is ashen cold.”

Ex Deo is a Roman-antiquity inspired band with a few good songs and some seriously overproduced music videos. Their songs go good with Rome Total War though.

Who Berija is.

Polish Hussars

Polish Hussars


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