Happy Joe McCarthy Day

As Reactionaries, and “new barbarians,” we must unplug from the matrix as much as possible. One way to do it is to stop living within the leftist framework and celebrating leftist holidays, by taking a page out of our ancestor’s playbook and replacing holidays with our own. Our Christian ancestor’s decided that Yule was pretty friggin legit and replaced it with Christmas. And so, I propose replacing all the holidays celebrating leftist figures and leftism in general with holidays celebrating right wing heroes and tradition.

First of all, I have already personally declared Martin Luther King Jr. Day to be Joe McCarthy Day. Words cannot describe the immense joy I feel as I sense a liberal’s soul die a little when I explain why I said “Happy McCarthy Day” to them after they give me a look of confusion and ask me about it. I have replaced a commie and a god of white dispossession with a white man who fought valiantly against the communists. Feel free to adopt this. It’s pure gold.

Secondly, Labor Day, which is soon upon us, is now Asatru Day. This is the day where we celebrate the Aesir and Norse mythology. Watch some Norse mythology and Viking movies, tell your kids stories about the Aesir, and buy a keg of mead and have a giant bonfire with your friends. “Labor Day” can kiss my ass, and I’ll probably take the next day off too because… mead…

Replace every abomination that the godless Zionist Jews and their leftist comrades have created. Don’t ever acknowledge their heroes and false gods. We have a rich past and plenty of legends of our own to honor. I have other ideas, such as making the 4th of July “Folk Day,” and President’s Day into King’s Day where we honor all the great European kings such as King Richard Lionheart and Charles “The Hammer” Martel. I would like to hear other ideas though, and since mead can be a little pricey these days start looking for good deals now before Asatru Day is upon us and it’s too late.

St. John's Cathedral on the Island of Malta. Built when our people revered and honored our Lord rather than themselves as they do on "Labor Day."

St. John’s Cathedral on the Island of Malta. Built when our people revered and honored our Lord rather than themselves as they do on “Labor Day.”


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