NASDP Versus Modern Neo-Nazis

Lately I have been studying National Socialism to get a firm, accurate understanding about what it is all about. I have to say, the stances of the NASDP and modern “neo-Nazis” naziphoenixare quite different. The things neo-Nazis believe are basically a bastardization of real Nazism and the propaganda against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party that was invented by angry Jews and Allied propagandists and survive to this day. That is to say, neo-Nazism isn’t Nazism.

For example, a lot of neo-Nazis will tell you that Aryans are the “Master Race,” whereas Hitler and the Nazis clearly did not believe that. They believed that Aryans were the most superior race as evidenced by culture, technology and Christian morality among other things. They believed that this superiority came about not only from evolution, but also was due to God’s grace (the Nazis didn’t think it was either evolution or the Bible, they recognized that science is the study of the mechanisms of Creation), so they weren’t arrogant about it so much as accepting it as obvious fact, and I agree with it completely. Whites as a whole are superior to any other race, even if the Asians and Ashkenazi Jews, because IQ isn’t the end all be all but one trait among many. Whites are clearly more creative and inventive than the Asians, and much more individualistic than the Ashkenazi Jews, not to mention more athletic as a whole. I’d also say whites are more beautiful, and while you may say that’s subjective, I think beauty is more of a scientific fact than most people want to believe.

You may be thinking, “what is the difference between believing Aryans are the master race as opposed to believing that they are the most superior race?” The chief difference is that believing your race is a master race entails that you believe your race should rule others. Zionist Jews believe they are the master race, as well as their Hal Lindsey-following “Christian Zionist” stooges (full disclosure: I once was one when I was young and didn’t know any better. My parents were strongly pro-Israel and blinded by the John Hagee types, so I have more pity for Christian Zionists than hatred). Hitler and the Nazis did not believe that Aryans should rule over others ipso facto their superiority. They were arguably less “racist” than the British or Dutch who did and went abroad imposing their reign on lesser peoples from Africa to the Pacific Islands. I’m not arguing against colonialism or what Europeans did to non-Europeans, I’m just saying that the Nazis didn’t believe we should necessarily rule over other races even though we’re better. They believed all people had a right to self determination, and many non-whites fought for Hitler and Germany because they opposed Marxism and had a mutual respect for Hitler and the Nazis. The living space Germany sought was also in Eastern Europe, which was also white, and they justified it by the fact that much of Eastern Europe was empty (true) and its nobility was butchered by the Soviet Bolshevik Jews (true) and in need of replenishment.

Neo-Nazis don’t read into National Socialism enough and only have a superficial understanding of the Nazis and Hitler, like most Americans and Europeans. They mostly cling to the racial aspect while ignoring the economics, philosophy and other subjects the NSDAP had strong, well-developed opinions on. They often dress and act like degenerates as well. I am heavily tattooed, so I can’t preach against piercings and whatnot, but some neo-Nazis don’t dress much differently from an anarchist. Too many of them adopt a white-trash style that dishonors the National Socialists and their high standards of personal conduct and bearing.

Neo-Nazis often have low moral standards, as evidenced by many of their trailer park, baby-momma lifestyles. The fact that they can’t get their acts together hurts National Socialism, and the legacy of all the great fascist leaders such as Franco, Mussolini and Admiral Miklos Horthy of Hungary. However, this doesn’t mean we should cast all the neo-Nazis aside. Many of them can be rehabilitated into stronger reactionaries with the right knowledge, and the fact remains that we whites are indeed hierarchical and those of us who are more intelligent and noble have a duty to protect our brothers and sisters who are not as fortunate as we are. Most of the Soviet Cheka who carried out the Red Terror were riff-raff Jews who weren’t good for much else outside of brutality and torture, but the Jews nonetheless gave them a purpose and a paycheck. We need to take care of and guide our own riff raff into productive roles, even if we don’t intend on using them for anything violent. The fact is there is always a need for low skill labor, and armies are not formed of knights alone.

A good place to start when it comes to learning what the Nazis truly believed is a book by a former US Naval officer called the Myth of German Villainy. It is a riveting read. While reading it I was nearly bought to tears on several occasions, particularly when reading about the Red Terror that gripped Russia and spread into much of Europe. This book demolishes the myths about Hitler and the Nazis. It shows that while they adopted some elements and symbols of European paganism as many of us do today, they were Christians. It goes into detail about what Hitler and the Nazis truly believed, what they actually did, and why. It explains National Socialism and its outlook on race, which isn’t evil. Once you find out what Nazism truly is about, if you don’t already know, you’ll realize how far devolved Western society really is and how enslaved to the Zionist agenda Western man really is.

I have concluded that reactionaries cannot ever win if they do not take out the Zionist parasite that holds down the entire West. We can rage all we want against the tentacles, but unless we do away with the head we’ll always be tormented by the beast until there is nothing left. In order to take out the Zionist parasite, we need to see what it is the Zionist is trying to hide from us with its “hate” laws and book bans, clear the good names of the heroes who came before us, and not accept bastardized concepts of the Zionists and Marxists greatest enemies. Christendom is at stake, and in our death struggle against Marxism we need to rally around a pure ideology, not an adulterated one, as well as a clear concept of the men who came before us. We aren’t trying to win elections, so we don’t need to prostitute ourselves by pushing away from historical figures, people and systems of thought that aren’t “politically correct.”



2 responses to “NASDP Versus Modern Neo-Nazis

  1. Aquila, this is a timely article which exposes white nationalists as poorly educated and basically wrong about Nazis. One of the things that bothers me about neonazis is their love of black metal music, excruciating noise. They never mention the great art and music of Germany. Another thing which should be brought out is the love of animals Hitler had, they were very much antivivisection and were not cruel or destructive to animals. There is much to discover about the Nazis but the current crop simply will not do. There is another site I look at to get the reality of Hitler and Nazis: The West’s Darkest Hour by Chechar. One last thing, I used to fall in with the “patriot” movement but gave up on them as they refuse to take off the blinders regarding WW2 and the corrosive effects of blacks and jews on western civilization. Alex

    • That is all very true, the current crop of white nationalists focus purely on the racial angle and they don’t even have a solid plan to deal with that. I too was involved with the “patriot” movement, I even organized the very first Tea Party and worked as a coordinator for one of Ron Paul’s organizations, but it dawned on me over time that libertarianism was a form of leftism too. Studying the French Revolution opened my eyes to the fact that American politics is all leftist infighting, and that the true right is rooted in aristocracy and monarchy. Fascism to some degree fills that role, but I think long term a fascist nation should become a kingdom to solidify its power and claim the authority of divine right. I do love metal though – I think the music of Germany and classical music very much worth listening to as well, however.

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