The Darkest Enlightenment

This is it friends, the last stop on the Red Pill Train, the end of the rabbit hole. You’ve learned all about the nature of women, hypergamy, modern marriage, beta and alpha males, the idiocy of democracy, human biodiversity and so much more. There is still one more thing you need to learn, and it’s a cup of bitterness that even many of the most hardened in the reactionary community refuse to drink. You may keep your red pill secrets mostly to yourself, but you know the knowledge spills over, to some degree, into conversation, because you cannot un-know something and the truth is hard to ignore and get off your mind. It is with that in mind that I must give you the final Morpheus-esque warning. If you imbibe this cup you will become utterly pariah to all who did not also drink it, and more than any other truth you’ve learned you’ll have to keep this one under wraps in the day to day. Just remember this: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” – Voltaire

The Myth of German Villainy

The Synagogue of Satan



2 responses to “The Darkest Enlightenment

  1. My response to supposed 6 million jews killed is “so what”. Many millions died from Stalin but he seems to have escaped the vitriol of the zionists to some degree. To me the biggest problem in the U.S. is evangelical christians who want Israel to build the next temple, then Jesus will come. Between them and the liberals in the media the whole world is fucked up. People can’t voice their own opinions because someone elses is more important: blacks, jews, gays, etc. There will have to be a massive awakening and destruction of this democracy to restore sanity to the world. Also regarding an earlier post about Nazis and music, the way I enjoy Wagner is: drive up to the Angeles National Forest, wait for sunset to start, turn up Flight of the Valkyries and fly down the mountain, trying not to crash. Alex

    • I am still studying the holocaust, but my estimation at this point is that at a maximum 271,000 Jews were killed, many from diseases and starvation due to Allied bombing of supply routes to the camps – there were deinitely no gas chambers or turning people into lampshades or any other grotesque Jewish myths that were probably imputed to the Germans after being actually done by Jewish Cheka agents working for Lenin. I can’t definitively say what happened during the holocaust since my studies are not complete, but it definitely was not 6 million. The Jewish Bolshevik’s killed far, far more than the Nazi Germans, and I think it’s fair to say that the Jews who ran the Soviet Union and their gulags killed more Christians, by far, than Germans killed Jews. The Christian Zionists are completely insane, they’re supporting an evil cause in the name of ushering in the apocalypse, which is why not even the Jews they support really respect them. The Jews aren’t blind to the CZ’s motives of getting them to rebuild the temple and supposedly usher in the reign of the antichrist, and, more importantly, the “rapture” (which is nowhere in the Holy Bible!). The awakening will come because the Internet is slowly destroying traditional media and thus the Jews hold on information transmission. /pol/ on 4chan is starting to spill over into the mainstream a bit on Facebook. People will discover Hitler was actually a hero, along with Mussolini and Franco, all of whom should be Canonized by the Catholic Church. The Christian Zionists are in for a shock when the ones who do get into heaven find men like Franco there while men like FDR and Churchill are not.

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