Women Must Be Possessed

There is a common line of thought among some reactionaries that women deserve some kind of equality with men, and it also seeks to “weaponize” females by turning themgermanwomen into warriors and imputing masculinity onto women. Jack Donovan explored imputing masculinity onto women recently in this excellent essay. What I would like to do is caution reactionaries from supporting any kind of feminism or anything other than a patriarchal societal arrangement. Anything else is absolutely barbaric, as patriarchy is the foundation of civilization itself, whether Western or otherwise.

Due to women’s hypergamous nature, it is necessary that they become men’s property in order to restrain the feminine imperative from running amok and destroying civilization itself, as is happening in the West. A woman must be her father’s property until he gives her to a husband, at which point she becomes his property. This is for the best for both men and women, even if women don’t want to admit it. The fact that Fifty Shades of Gray is so popular is a testament to the fact that deep down women want to be possessed, it is natural, whereas feminism is a manifestation of satanic rebellion. Sub/Dom romance novels are one way a degenerate society seeks to connect with nature, but we reactionaries do not settle for degenerate means or half-assed attempts, we want nothing less than the restoration of the natural means, the patriarchal system given to us by God, because civilization itself hangs in the balance. We’re not trying to win any elections so it doesn’t matter if this view alienates “women voters” or some people in general. Those who would worry about losing converts suffer from a disease I like to call “American Republicanism.”

American Republicanism is a disease of the soul whereby a person will give up a part of their values for the sake of political expediency. For example, they’ll adopt feminist positions in order to try to pull in women voters, or support the legalization of marijuana in order to appeal to the youth. Eventually, so many values are given up for the sake of winning elections that the party platform and the individual’s formerly “conservative” belief system is a mere shell of itself. Reactionaries are different from conservatives because we don’t believe in democracy in the first place, which largely takes away the temptation to sell ourselves out ideologically. But some reactionaries fall for the siren song of supporting some modern women’s “rights,” and considering that, as I have mentioned, it’s necessary for women to be possessed by men in order to make civilization possible, they are undermining their entire belief system by softening their stance.

Women cannot have full self-determination because many will not use it for the good of the folk, as we see through female voting habits, the modern phenomenon of “divorce rape,” and other negatives that cause societal chaos such as rampant single motherhood. Women need to be controlled and their energies need to be put towards constructive endeavors for the good of the people, not necessarily careers, and in the end that’s what women really want. Women usually do not often consciously know what they want, the hindbrain dictates a lot for them, and it has made them an unhappy lot in the West since they lack male guidance and ownership.

What then needs to happen is that when the time comes, we need to restore the traditional system of marriage and courtship, and fathers need to reassert their ownership of their daughters. Marriages should become somewhat arranged, with courtships allowing potential spouses to meet and assess one another, while simultaneously disallowing for the temptations of fornication to come to fruition and ruin a daughter’s chastity. Any voting should be strictly delegated to men only, and men should be the only ones allowed to serve in the military and some other professions. Women should be allowed to have careers, particularly if they are barren, but on the whole men need to ensure they are putting the folk first by finding them a husband so they can have plenty of children, which means we also have to do away with all  contraceptives for the good of our people.

The Marxists of course want more birth control and for women to have more power in society. Women are more easily manipulated, recall that Eve gave in to Satan’s temptations before she herself tempted Adam, and the Marxists can use that weakness for their ends. In order to fix the West you need to shut Pandora’s Box, or “women’s liberation,” and the impetus and means to do so will eventually present themselves when the Kali Yuga begins to really collapse.



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