Leon Degrelle and the Waffen SS: Heroes



Please go here and watch this moving video before reading. 


Did you know that the Waffen SS was only 40% German? 600,000 SS troops were from other nations, ranging from the United States to India. They were united in a death struggle against Judaic-Bolshevism and degeneracy. It was the most diverse troop ever created, which many find ironic. You see, the Nazi’s weren’t racist, they were anti-Communist, pro-freedom, pro-Christian and pro-self determination. They didn’t even hate Jews, just Talmudic-Jewish supremacy which coopted Europe for the good of some Jews – there were many highly decorated Jews in the Nazi military who were fully loyal to Germany and accepted 100% by Adolf Hitler and the German people. What you may think of the Nazi’s is likely a product of anti-German propaganda spawned by Zionist Jews and the Allies during WWII to keep rifles pointed against the German and to create a fanatical hatred of the Germans. The ministries of propaganda, mostly run by Jews, were not followed after the war by ministries of truth to pave over the grotesque Jewish lies of the Allies, and survive to this day. The Nazi’s are still demonized in the Jewish media, in grotesque snuff films like Schindler’s List which have almost no basis in reality, because the Jews use the Holocaust Industry to keep extorting money from the West towards Jews and Israel. The SS was the vanguard of all that was good and true, and they went down as the Einherjer in Ragnarok, heroically defying degeneracy and communism, dying as martyrs while the entire world was plunged into Judeo-atheist values and Marxism to the point where grotesqueries like gay marriage and mass Internet pornography became possible. The world was plunged into a new Dark Age, covered over by some technological progress, where the Western Man had all the gadgets he wanted by not a shred of dignity, living a life full of pornography, hollow relationships, broken families, sexual perversions, fornication and little to no honor. He became a mere shell of what he should be, a pathetic, usually overweight slob who lives vicariously through movie characters and video games instead of actually taking up the sword himself and doing what must be done for God and for his people. Nowadays his people are hardly even worth it, which is why I preach the Crusade and seek to rally young Western men against degeneracy and the ZOG, as we need to fight to take back our lands and do away with the wickedness of the European peoples from Moscow to Boston. The Crusade is not only against the Islamic scourge that is ravaging the Middle East in the form of ISIS or Europe thanks to Marxist politicians and their Judeo-Bolshevik values that seek to force Europe to become a “melting pot” because it’s good for the Jews, but against Judaism, white Marxists, homosexuality, feminism and all the other offshoots of Marxism which are fully alien to the Western man. This isn’t just a “white” thing. Any man for the West who is willing to fight for our Lord and our values is welcome, just as the SS welcomed all men. All allies are welcome, regardless of ethnicity, and we will be proud to stand alongside their peoples and their lands as they seek to make them free of Marxism as well. They too will be heroes in this struggle, as Brother Nathaniel, a Jew turned Orthodox Monk, is today as he spreads the truth through his website and YouTube channel. Before WWII Weimar Germany was a place of decadence. The Jews owned much of the entertainment industry, and forced perversions such as plays displaying nudity and homosexuality on the German people who grew decadent due to Jewish media programming. Today, because the Jews were the big winners in WWII, we live in a Weimar West, controlled by Jewish bankers, a Jewish Hollywood and Jewish political influences like AIPAC who use the US Army as a proxy army to do their bidding.

To learn more about the Waffen SS and one of its greatest heroes, please watch the story of Leon Degrelle and the History of the Waffen SS. I implore you to learn

General Degrelle - Proud to the end. “You must train harder than the enemy who is trying to kill you. You will get all the rest you need in the grave.”

General Degrelle – Proud to the end. “You must train harder than the enemy who is trying to kill you. You will get all the rest you need in the grave.”

about this man and what he fought against. He also escaped the Mossad assassins, dying in 1994 rather than being murdered in cold blood by vengeful Jewish hitmen trying to kill old soldiers because their unforgiving hearts hold within them a grudge for crimes that either didn’t even happen or are a result of backlash against Jewish oppression of the German. 

From YouTube:

Leon Degrelle (born June 15th 1906, died March 31 1994) was a Walloon Belgian politician, who founded Rexism and later joined the Waffen SS which were front-line troops in the fight against the Soviet Union AND Communism.

This is a self-spoken biography (with an introduction by his daughter). He was one of many, who wished and believed that they could make a better Europe and struggled mightily to that end. Whatever one’s political outlook.., one cannot doubt the courage and conviction of Degrelle or the men that he led. That he survived so much carnage and the vengeance of his enemies at the end is remarkable. That he then went on to produce such a memorable account of his experiences we should be thankful for. It was an epic struggle by any standards…

When Degrelle joined the Wehrmacht he was offered the rank of lieutenant, but he refused and he went into Russian campaign as an ordinary private. He points out that Waffen-SS was really a front-line unit and a respected fighting force. Also, that 98% were NOT professional soldiers, or just young men after adventure, or NOT the goose-stepping “half-mad” stereotypes of Hollywood. Most of the volunteer units had a tragic end as they would rather fight to the last man instead of being handed over to their vengeful countrymen. The Waffen-SS had an estimate of 150-250 000 European (non-German) volunteers who fought with honor on the eastern front, and many of them winning the highest medal for bravery in the German armed forces, the Knights Cross.

This eye opening historical video is a daring break from the all the typical “anti-German” videos and publications as it tries to show the real untold truth about the Axis dealings with foreigners, volunteers, minorities, helpers and other diverse international relations. He does quite well at telling the untold, unpopular AND startling truths of the real perspectives AND relations of Germans AND non-Germans during WWII. Unlike Hollywood AND the general media that just LOVES to project an inaccurate historical “pseudo truth” !!

This speech examines AND relates the real unclouded facts tainted by the “fantasy history entertainment” that is so popular today… Some people actually really believe that going to the movies AND reading books by those who won the war, etc.., is a history course made easy, simple AND fun !!

Yes.., and very sad to say.., “the beat goes on” (and on, and on).., as WW III will NOT be that much different from the first two that killed millions.., or that far off in the future !!

As always.., after watching.., do your best to “pass it on”…

“Truth Does Not Fear Investigation”

“He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History”

“The Truth shall make you Free.., but at first.., it’ll make you Damn Mad” !!!




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